Thursday, October 17, 2013

If I Start Writing Now

♫ ♪ If I start writing now, when I'm not really rested.  It could upset my thinking, which is not good at all. ♪ ♫

This is a song that my husband sings now and then.  Especially when the kids have writing assignments. ;)  He memorized it for a Charlie Brown play.  We get to hear snippets occasionally.

I would love to start blogging about the fun things that I see and get to do.  How do I go about this?  I've read and read other blogs, especially blogs about blogging.  I've purchased a book.  Yep - a For Dummies book.  I'm on chapter 4. But...♫ If I start writing now...♫

I used to blog on Xanga, but that was years ago.  Lots of fun getting to meet people with similar interests.  One of them I still keep in contact with sporadically.  I just love her and her family.

Looking forward to the future!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, November 21, 2011

Long Time, No See

Wow, It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here. I haven't been doing much with my journal and it shows on my blog, also.

It's almost Thanksgiving and this will be the first year that we are at home with just the 3 teens. We decided to do something special in this case. We're having Marinated Pork Tenderloin on the grill instead of turkey! Yum! It's marinating right now in Allegro. The kids love this! If there are any leftovers, we love tenderloin sandwiches.

This will be the first year with no mashed potatoes. None of the kids wanted them. (They prefer instant mashed potatoes...what have we done?!) I will be making Sweet Potato Casserole, despite the fact that pecans are $10 per pound. To look ahead, I *will* be purchasing a pecan tree. Preferably, at least a 5 year old tree. I don't want to wait forever for pecans.

Taking Christiana to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Wednesday! Maybe we'll go out to eat, too. So much fun!

In the Kitchen News, I have been reading lots and lots this summer and fall on Traditional Foods. I haven't read the book that started this nutrition trend...Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, but I hope to get a copy soon. I will probably purchase the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon soon. I am thoroughly enjoying drinking Kombucha, made at home; milk kefir and water kefir sodas. The kids will drink the water kefir sodas. Marcus likes the White Grape and Raspberry soda and we all like the grape sodas. I need to go buy more bottle caps to seal the bottle shut. They can be very fizzy!

With my milk kefir, I have been making milkshakes. Banana ice cream, made by a local dairy, milk kefir...and, yes, an unhealthy packet of Aspartame. I think I will try it with my home grown Stevia leaves and see if it still tastes yummy.

More later...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to get Passports?

This is the volcano we visited while in El Salvador. It was an awesome sight!

We had our El Salvador mission's trip debriefing last night at the Wahba's home. It was so nice to be with the whole team again! We had lots of food and some good ideas for the next team going. Another one going in March, maybe. Hopefully, it all works out to go. Curtis wants to go ahead and take our teens this time. 16yo son and 15 yo daughter. Hmm...wonder if there is enough time to get their passports?

By the way, we did our fund-raising as a group instead of as individuals. It was such a blessing and we had a surplus! The surplus will help send the March team to help Lorraine and Hannah's Hands. Praise the Lord!

This Friday, Curtis and I will start facilitating a Love Dare group. We are really looking forward to it! Our kids get to go with us and hang out, do Bible study, play games, and snack while we have the group discussion.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

El Salvador - First Time on Foreign Missions

Funny things I saw on my trip:
1. Our surgeon friend, his wife, and my husband with pig hats on oinking and going after the prodigal son. The children LOVED this one! (This funny drama brought many to Christ.)
2. Our driver trying to make us smile while taking our group photo... Say "Queso." "Record." We all obediently said "record" and smiled. Then he told us..."No, I'm recording you now!" We all started laughing from embarassment. Loved it!
3. Parking the van in spaces that no human could fit...let alone an entire van. >>l<< Everybody squeeze!

As I think of more, I'll write them here. Maybe I should get "Fish in My Hair" to do the writing. Then you could really get the gist of the fun!

(As you can see, this is not my main blog. I used Xanga for a long time, then went back to my own pen and paper journal. Hmm...let's see how this goes.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spelling Curriculum Recommendations

(Please excuse any grammar errors on this post, it was just a friend to friend e-mail.)

I have a student who seems to have a terrible problem with spelling. He may be right-brained, I am not sure. He has been labeled by the school system O.D.D. oppositional defiance disorder...however i don't think he is O.D.D. ...he may be A.D.D. ......either way, he is one of the worst spellers i have ever seen...he is 14 years old, and most 6-year-olds have a better grasp on spelling...
can you help?? any suggestions? curriculums you like??

I strongly recommend "How to Teach Any Child to Spell" by Gayle Graham for this situation. ($8ish) She has also put out a student notebook to go with her tiny book. The student notebook is called "Tricks of the Trade." ($17) The notebook has all the sounds and their spellings broken down onto different pages and can be used as a spelling dictionary for words the student routinely uses. (We didn't have this notebook when Marchelle was learning, we just used notebook paper and put it into her 3-ring-binder.)
That was around the age that Marchelle decided she wanted to know how to spell. It took about 6 months using Gayle Grahams method and she was flying! Of course, Marchelle is a fast learner. I also noted that once Andrew decided he wanted to know how to spell he got better quickly. (Sometimes, they just have to "want to.")
That said, Gayle Graham's method uses words from their writing, so if the child is not writing - you won't have any words to pull from.
This year I'm using Spelling Power ($69)...I like the organized method she has, but it has some drawbacks that you will need to overcome. The first one is: covering too many spelling rules in one sitting. I've had to break the Spelling Power down into Gayle Graham's "How to Teach Any Child to Spell" method. The Second one is: On the Delayed Recall Tests, for each word that they misspell you need to go back over that group to practice that rule again. However, my kids didn't always misspell the word due to the group rule. Eg. excite. The rule was for the long "i" sound. My son forgot the "c." Obviously, I didn't make him go over the whole group for the long "i" sound.

So, for my struggling spellers, I'm really using two programs. Spelling Power, because it only takes 10 to 15 minutes a day and provides consistency...but I break it down even further into Gayle Graham's method of teaching the sound and the spelling together. (Eg. The "ai" sound - in rain)
Also, you'll need "The ABC's and All Their Tricks" ($23ish) to go with the "Tricks of the Trade"/"How to Teach Any Child".... This book was the crux for Marchelle. If she didn't spell "bread" right because of the "ea", I would go to The ABC's and find the "ea" with the bread sound and tell her how many words in the English language utilize that spelling for that sound and show her some of the words.

This comes in extremely handy for things like "er," "ir," and "ur." I can tell my kids...if you hear the "ER" sound...
using the letters *ER* - 329 words have it in the stressed syllable, 1737 have it in the unstressed syllable
• Only, 114 words use the spelling *ir* for that sound,
• and only 247 words use the spelling *ur* for that sound.

So, do your best to remember which spelling is in the word you want, but if all else fails...use the *ER* spelling because there are many more words spelled that way than the other ways. See? (Of course, if they are near a dictionary, they can look it up. I did keep a spelling dictionary handy for my struggling spellers.)
Does this help?