Thursday, January 21, 2010

El Salvador - First Time on Foreign Missions

Funny things I saw on my trip:
1. Our surgeon friend, his wife, and my husband with pig hats on oinking and going after the prodigal son. The children LOVED this one! (This funny drama brought many to Christ.)
2. Our driver trying to make us smile while taking our group photo... Say "Queso." "Record." We all obediently said "record" and smiled. Then he told us..."No, I'm recording you now!" We all started laughing from embarassment. Loved it!
3. Parking the van in spaces that no human could fit...let alone an entire van. >>l<< Everybody squeeze!

As I think of more, I'll write them here. Maybe I should get "Fish in My Hair" to do the writing. Then you could really get the gist of the fun!

(As you can see, this is not my main blog. I used Xanga for a long time, then went back to my own pen and paper journal. Hmm...let's see how this goes.)

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