Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to get Passports?

This is the volcano we visited while in El Salvador. It was an awesome sight!

We had our El Salvador mission's trip debriefing last night at the Wahba's home. It was so nice to be with the whole team again! We had lots of food and some good ideas for the next team going. Another one going in March, maybe. Hopefully, it all works out to go. Curtis wants to go ahead and take our teens this time. 16yo son and 15 yo daughter. Hmm...wonder if there is enough time to get their passports?

By the way, we did our fund-raising as a group instead of as individuals. It was such a blessing and we had a surplus! The surplus will help send the March team to help Lorraine and Hannah's Hands. Praise the Lord!

This Friday, Curtis and I will start facilitating a Love Dare group. We are really looking forward to it! Our kids get to go with us and hang out, do Bible study, play games, and snack while we have the group discussion.

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